Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Wild Time At Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

To some, summer time is the best time of the year. To the wildlife, it is not a bad time either. And if you have always wanted to get close to wildlife as possible, perhaps you would like to drop by the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge this summer and charter a Maryland coach bus to take you and your friends there for a time of being in the “wild” and enjoying the beauty and wonders of Mother Nature.

Established in 1933, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge started as a waterfowl sanctuary for birds that were migrating along the Atlantic Flyway. The location of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge makes it the perfect spot for migrating birds – fresh water, open fields and the mixture of lush and deciduous are some of the main attractions for the migrating birds. We always encourage visitors in our Maryland buses to be sure to bring along their cameras to capture great moments of the many types of birds that will be spotted as well as some other smaller wildlife creatures.

Sightings of bald eagles are considered to be a norm and aplenty at this wildlife refuge and many Maryland bus chartered passengers who have been here are always in awe of the majestic of the bald eagles – so much so, there were some who complained that they were so taken by the awesomeness of the eagles that they have forgotten to take out their cameras and snap photos!

If you are not too busy taking photos, you can also cycle, hike or even canoe at this wildlife refuge! There is also a Visitor Center and this center hosts exhibits of the wildlife in the area, but unfortunately, it is now closed for renovation works, while their gift store and information desk have been relocated temporarily to their Environmental Education building while the renovation works is being carried out at the Visitor Center. Even though you may not be able to check out the Visitor Center, you can always drop by their information desk to find out more or to get some of their pamphlets and purchase some gifts from the their gift store, if you want.

With a sunny weather, Maryland bus charter passengers are in for a good time at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge as you may spot little wildlife creatures like the otters, raccoons, sika deers, various species of reptiles and amphibians and many more.

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